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Carli Bybel Palette

This palette is one of my most wanted beauty products EVER, for several reasons. For starters, I think Carli Bybel is amazing. She seems like a genuinely nice girl. Not like one of those girls who is only nice as a front while she’s recording her YouTube videos, then rude to her fans in real life. I have always heard (or read) about how she is the “real deal” in real life as well and I absolutely love that about her. Secondly, I love BH Cosmetics products and I don’t think that they get nearly enough attention or credit from the beauty community. They are so affordable and make some really awesome products. I have yet to buy a palette from them that I was really disappointed in. And their brushes are a really wonderful quality and great bargain. Third, I love that Carli tells her viewers that they DO NOT NEED all of those expensive brands to look good. So many YouTubers


tend to “push” certain products on their viewers, and a lot of these viewers are really young girls. And I cannot stand it when beauty gurus say “OMG YOU NEED THIS PRODUCT IN YOUR LIFE about something that is uber expensive. I just personally think that this sends out a very bad message to the younger generation. Like if they can’t afford all of the high-end stuff, then they won’t feel like they are still beautiful, or belong. So I just absolutely LOVE that Carli tries to instill that message to her subscribers in a lot of her videos. So her collaboration with BH Cosmetics is like a match made in heaven!


The packaging on this palette is a simple cardboard, with a classic look, and a glossy finish to it. It is very basic packaging, but I like that the material is wipeable for easy cleaning. And the beautiful design on the front is very chic and reminds me a lot of Carli’s style. This palette contains 10 total eyeshadows that are a mixture of some gorgeous mattes and shimmer shades. Then there is also 4 face highlighters that are all amazing as well.

The top five shadows are all matte except for the second one from the left. There are no names on these shadows for me to refer to, (But who needs names anyways!). Then the second set of shadows are all shimmery except for the very last one on the right. Then obviously, all of the four highlighters are shimmer like. I figured that all of these would be fairly well pigmented as most BH Cosmetics palettes tend to be, but I honestly was not expecting this kind of AMAZINGNESS. (Is that even a word? Well it is now.



I don’t know about you, but I think these shades are nothing short of gorgeous. Those two Copper like shades in the middle are too die for! And I am really digging the matte Chocolate shade on the end as well. I can totally see this being a great shade to use for Fall looks.I mean COME ON, Can you believe the pigmentation in these beauties? I think these shades would look amazing on any eye color, but especially on Blue and Green eyes. These three shades are on the second row, and are the three center shades. I think these might be my favorites.

 These are the face highlighters, and honestly, these can totally compare to some very high-end highlighters. I am SO overly impressed with these and cannot wait to experiment more with them. I will be filming a Youtube video about my personal impressions of this palette and I may even do a look with them as well. And if you have not seen the Fall look that Carli created from this palette, then you need to go over to her channel and check it out RIGHT NOW!!!!

check this link to see how I used this palette.

Eye Makeup

Did any of you guys pick this up yet? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

Stay Beautiful & Blessed!

Thank you 

Love you all




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