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French Manicure

French Manicure

Everybody hates spending half of their in damn saloon and waste tons of money there. And on the other hand, they also desire some dashing nails. When it comes to the stylish nails….nothing can beat French manicure. If you think that French Manicure is only possible in Saloon then you are wrong. Here is one of the easiest ways to get French Manicure at home itself.



In this part, you have to prepare your nails. For this you should:

Remove Your Old Nail Polish:


For starting anything new, you have to get rid of the older one. Here goes the same, use a good quality nail polish remover to remove your old nail polish.

Trim Your Nails

Trim those at their appropriate size…don’t cut too short.


File and Buff Them

Give a nice and perfect finish to your nails. You can choose between square and round shape.


Soak Your Nails

Soak them in warm water and olive oil. It makes your cuticles very smooth.


Push Back Your Cuticles

Now, push back your cuticles carefully. Cuticle pusher will be a great option.



Here we will discuss about applying the polish

Apply Base Coat

For this you can use Pale Pink color base coat. Start from center then apply both sides. After the first coat gets dry, apply the second one.

manicure procedure, macro

Apply Nail Guide

You can find them in stores…don’t worry. Apply them carefully behind your tip.


Paint Your Tips

Paint your tips white….apply two coats for better results. Now remove your Nail Guide.


All these lil efforts can save you from costly saloons. Your nails will look really fabulous.

Thank you so much 

Love you all 


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