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60’s Bollywood Style

The bold eye liners, heavy hairdos, too much blusher…typical 60’s Bollywood style. But don’t call old fashioned. It is CLASSIC. These days you will so many ladies copying the same. It is back in trend. Here are some tips to get this VINTAGE look.

Be heavy on eyes


You gotta be dramatic and bold! Eye liner is the most important for a 60’s look. You have to make eyeliner thick and winged. Starting from the inner corner to the end..make it intense. Putting liner on the lower lash liner will make it more like 60’s.


Anushka has done done the eye make perfectly and beautifully. This look in the movie Bombay Velvet actually transformed her into a retro actress.


Look at Sonam Kapoor’s sharply winged liner with mascara that highlights her eyes perfectly.

Huge Hairdos


Asha Parekh’s hair style is so huge…we wonder how could she carry such a heavy hairdo. The height is essential in this hairstyle. Long side bangs are their special feature. This hairdo still looks iconic.


Hats off to Deepika’s hair stylist! Even the Cat’s eye eyeliner is almost flawless. To get this hairstyle, you gotta volumize your hair, you can use a volumizing spray for that. Backcoming will help! Curl them a little and make a bee hive style on top of your head. You are ready with your perfect 60’s style hairdo.

The make-up base


Well Done Shreya Sharan! You have copied this 60’s look perfectly! And we have to say it totally suits you.

You can go for any lipstick with shades of pink or red. This will brighten up your look a little more and you will just be Bollywood Divas of 1960’s.

Thank you 

Love you all



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