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7 Easy beauty hacks for perfect skin in winters

Winters season is not very favourable for our skin because it makes the skin rough and dry. There are ways to keep your skin healthy, smooth and soft in chilling winters too. See these easy hacks below.

Tea tree oil


This will be good for both your skin and your scalp. Add some drops of it to your conditioner and to any face mask for a moisturized and soft skin.

Drink plenty of water


Winter makes your skin and body dehydrate. To keep yourself healthy and to keep your skin glowing flawlessly, drink plenty of water.

Coconut oil


Coconut oil has multiple uses. For chapped lips, dry scalp, dry cuticles, rough elbows and knees, rough cracked heels and dehydrated skin… coconut can be used to solve all these problems.

Use humidifier


While you sleep, a humidifier will add moisture to the air around you. It will not be harsh on your skin like the dry cold weather.

Use almond oil


Almond oil will be really helpful for your preventing your hair as well as skin from the dryness in the weather in winters. You should add to all your face packs and masks for a smooth textured skin.

Moisturize lips


If you don’t want chapped lips, keep them moisturized the whole day. Pick a lip balm with high moisture content or you can use shea butter.

Take essential vitamins

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You just can’t ignore the intake of your daily nutrition. Green leafy vegetables are the catalysts in the process of achieving glowing skin. You can also take some multi-vitamin tablets.

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