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Amazing benefits of Tomatoes for skin and hair

Tomatoes are something that can be found in each and every household. They can be used for many things apart from cooking and to be eaten as salad. They have some benefits for your skin as well as hair which you might not know.

Glowing skin


The high amount of Vitamin C present in tomato brightens up the skin. You can simply rub the tomato slices on your skin for getting s glowing skin.

Prevents aging signs


No woman would want wrinkles and fine lines on her face. Tomato will help your skin absorb oxygen. It will help you to look fresh and younger.

As astringent


You can make a face pack using avocado and tomato and this will be amazing for combination skin and will provide smoothness and glow to skin.

Removing dead cells


To remove dead skin cells, you can grind tomatoes into a paste and add a table spoon of sugar. It will be perfect scrub for your skin.

Natural Bleach


Tomato has natural bleaching properties. You should make a pack using oatmeal, tomato pulp and yogurt. This will exfoliate your skin and will also help in getting rid of blemishes.

For hair loss


Applying tomato pulp directly on your scalp will be helpful in preventing hair loss which is a common problem due to weather change and humidity.

Radiant hair


Dryness in hair makes you lose your radiance and elasticity. For this you can mix tomato puree with any oil. It will give your hair all the required proteins.

Itchy Scalp


Itchy scalp and dandruff are very annoying. Vitamin C present in tomato will help in eradicating dandruff. It will provide collagen to your scalp that will help in tissue development of scalp.

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