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Anastasia Beverly Hills: Liquid Lipsticks 

Hi dolls

I was so fortunate enough to receive the ENTIRE collection of the *new* Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks from the company, and I am beyond grateful! Liquid Lipsticks seem to be all the rave at the moment and these definitely do not fall short. They dry completely matte on your lips which makes them transfer resistant (I’m sure all of our boyfriends/girlfriends will appreciate that! Haha). They are extremely pigmented – just one layer packs a punch! These babies retail for USD$20.00 each. You can purchase them from the Anastasia Beverly Hills website; Sephora is not selling the Liquid Lipsticks yet. As always, I give you guys my complete 100% honest opinion – just because these were sent to me does not mean I am paid to give a rave review. I will ALWAYS state my own opinion no matter what. With that being said I truly and honestly adore these lipsticks. I love a good matte lip and these are my new favourites  They come in a variety of 19 colours at the moment, ranging from coral, red, pink, vampy, nude – they really have it all and not to mention there is talk of more shades to be added to the collection soon.


Being a matte lipstick, the issue of dryness comes up. I have tried a lot of Liquid Lipsticks and they all have the issue of dryness. These are great in that they dry completely matte on your lips but they don’t feel heavy. It’s kind of hard to explain but if you have worn liquid lipsticks before you might know what I am talking about. These dry in a way that they meld with your lips and you don’t feel like you have a layer of hard guck on your lips. I really appreciate that. They only con I can say is that they can settle into the fine lines of your lips a bit which can cause them to crack after a couple hours of wear. That is pretty standard for matte lipsticks though as they are quite matte and there’s not much you can do about that! I also recommend exfoliating your lips beforehand and making sure they are moisturized as with any matte lipstick, it has the tendency to stick to any dry patches.


I have to say I love the packaging, it’s very sleek and I love how you can see the colour of each shade through the clear glass tube. The lipstick applies with a doe-foot applicator which makes it really easy to apply. Now enough of my rambling, here are the swatches!

Thank you 

love you all 



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