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Animal  Nail Art Designs To Inspire You



For doing nail arts, we can get inspired from anything – from pets to runway fashion. The inspiration is everywhere and you just have to choose the right one. Here we are sharing 50 such amazing nail arts which are inspired by animals.


1. Leopard print nails:












Leopard print nails look very pretty and can be done when you want to show your wilder side. They are very easy to make. If you want to get the above look, first paint your nails in white and do ombre using different colours. Let it dry and then add leopard print. Apply top coat and you are done. You can also stamp this print over ombre nails.


2. Neon leopard prints:





Neon leopard print nails look fabulous in summer. To get this look, just paint your nails white and add some random dots in different neon shades. Now outline the neon dots in “c” shaped strokes with black colour and add few random black spots here and there. Apply a topcoat.


3. Zebra nails:





Zebra nails look awesome when done properly and with precision. You can do this by painting your nails white and adding black crooked lines on it. You may stamp or use water decals too. This is an animal prints nail art that looks super chic when done right!


4. Giraffe prints:




Giraffe print is the easiest print to do on your nails. Just paint your nails brown and make outlines in random hexagonal shapes using yellow colour. Also there are so many stamping plates that have giraffe print, you can use these too.

5. Snake nail







You can do snake nails in pink too for feminine touch.


7. Lady bug nails:









Lady bug nails are very easy to do and look very cute in spring. For this you first paint your nails in red and add black tip and a line to divide your nails into two parts. Now add a few black dots for the spots and white dots for the eyes.



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