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Are you matching your Sunglasses with your dress?

Sunglasses are no more for mere protection for your eyes from glare or sunlight. They have become a style statement for many. You will look amazing by carrying your sunglasses as an accessory.

Harvey Moscot, the fourth generation owner of 100-yr old optical brand MOSCOT, suggests keeping these 4 general tips in mind when it comes time to buy your next pair:

1. Contrast — “The shape of your frame should contrast the shape of your face, so if you have rounder features, you want more angular glasses, and if you have more angular features you want to soften them with more curved shapes.

2. Proportion — “In general, you want your frames to be in proportion with the rest of your face. It’s different when you are shopping for sunglasses, which tend to be larger for greater coverage, but what looks good as a sunglass will not necessarily look good in optical.”

3. Color — “Choose a color that compliments your features. Black is always good for highlighting and outlining your eyes. Glasses that contrast the tone of your face and hair will stand out more, but it’s up to you how much of a statement you want your glasses to make.”

 Here are some tips that will help you look astounding by matching your dress with your sunglasses.


Who doesn’t love aviators? From casual to formal, they suit every look. If you are going for a party with a cocktail dress, these will add to your foxiness. Go for matching colours with your dress or for neutral shades like brown, beige, golden.



White Frames

Don’t mistake white frames for old fashioned. They are totally in vogue. Carry them with white outfits or carry matching bag or accessories that doesn’t make white frame odd. They can give you elegance if carried well.


Cat eye

Want a foxy touch to your persona…go for cat eye sunglasses. They give a slight vintage look, so wear them with something trendy and girly. This contrast will make you look splendid.




These sunglasses are immortal. They are never outdated. Wear them with printed floral dresses, blazers or even formal ones. Avoid carrying patterned sunglasses with printed outfits.


Mirrored sunglasses

These are totally trendy these days. Wearing them with white outfit is just perfect. Avoid carrying them with prints. They look great with neutral colours like grey, black, denim and white.


Choose any sunglasses that suit your face cut. But don’t forget to match them with your outfit. You can use classic and neutral colours if you are not able to decide. They are an accessory which enhance your beauty. You can get any look…funky, cool, elegant, foxy. Just pick up the right sunglasses for you.

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