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Are you Pregnant? How to be fashionable and comfortable?

Please Ladies…Don’t think that pregnancy snatches away fashion from your life. You are seriously mistaken. You still have a wide range of clothing options which can help you look pretty even when you are pregnant.

V-neck Sweaters


Little loosely fitted V-neck sweaters will give you a decent look. It will also conceal your baby bump to a great extent.

Horizontal stripes


Horizontal strips often make you look broader. But in case of pregnancy these stripes can actually help. Both tops and dresses with these stripes will make you look pretty.

Floral Prints


Prints are perfect for pregnancy. Leopard and other animal prints and floral prints shift the focus from your tummy to the overall print. So you can manage to look amazing by choosing the right outfit with right prints.

Button up


Button up dresses and shirts are the most comfortable and stylish outfits for pregnancy. Even when you have big bump, carry a shirt along  a top with buttons open. You will get a cool look.

Maxi Dresses


Who can deny the comfy fit of maxi dresses? They seem to be just made for pregnant women. They take care of your comfort and fashion both. You can wear a cardigan or jacket with them to make it even more modish.

Empire Waist


Empire waist dresses and tops will not put pressure on your tummy. You can comfy and stylish at the same time.

Leggings and Jeggings


Stop struggling with buttons of your jeans! Go for comfortable and stretchable leggings or jeggings which will make you feel relaxed.

Wrap dresses


Wrap dresses contribute in reducing the focus on your baby bump. The fit of these dresses will not make you too conscious about your pregnancy.



You can go for peplum top and dresses also. The peplum at the stomach will cover your bump and you can still like gorgeous just like Kim Kardashian looks in this picture. It is worth noticing how she stays stylish, sexy and confident even while being pregnant.

Thank you 

Love you all



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