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Avoid these bad habits to save your bones

These bad habits will destroy your bones, make some change:

You are not taking Fish and Calcium-Rich Foods which is bad

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It’s fine to take calcium supplements, but scientific studies proved that taking calcium foods such as milk, yoghurt, fish (salmon and sardines) etc are of more benefit for your body. Your bones will be in the risk of fracturing only with small fall.  So save your bones by adding calcium-rich foods in your daily diet.

You are riding cars whole day; you are sitting most of the time. This is a bad habit that kills your bones


Just go for a walk for 20 minutes a day or at least three times a week. Do some activities of stretching. In this way the friction of bone joints will decrease and then bone and joint pain will subside.

You are putting on weight, overcome it now,


If you are overweight then the excess weight of your body will be on your legs and this may cause joint damage and bone weakness. Try to control your weight for the sake of your bones and heart also.

You are having stress which is very bad to your bones:


Yes, stress can also somehow make your bones and joints weak. Being always stressed-out will not only weaken your immunity but will indirectly harm your bones also. When you are stressed there is impaired absorption of calcium from gastro-intestinal track to the blood, which makes the bone weak.

Have Both Calcium And Vitamin D Together

Cheer up and save your bones.

If you are only having calcium supplement then it won’t be absorbed without the help of vitamin D. So you must take calcium supplement along with vitamin D.


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