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Beach waves for a gorgeous and natural look


You must have tries numerous hairdos! Beach waves are the new trend which keeps your hair more inclined towards the natural appearance. See why and how you should try beach waves in your hair.


Why should you have these?

Beach waves are very stylish and adorable. They give a look more close to the natural one. It does not even take much time create these loose kind of curls. With just a blink of your eye, you will be ready with this hairdo for any occasion.


How to get this hairdo?

  • You can try the conventional braid trick! Shower the night before you want these beach waves. Twist your little wet hair into braids and sleep. Overnight this will create loose curls to give a perfect look.

  • After taking a shower you can turn your hair into small buns. Spray some hair spray to hold them in position. Let these buns dry and now you can get beach waves.

  • Flat iron and twists is yet another way. Just partition your hair into small sections. Then twisting them, use flat iron to create loose curls.

  • You can also use small barrel curler to get a bit tighter curls. These also look great for every occasion.




Even Celebrities are fond of beach waves




These days you can easily spot a number of celebs with these beach waves and mind you, they look fabulous. You can also try these beach waves and be stylish as well as trendy by a sober hairdo.

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