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Beauty Hacks from Different parts of the World

We all love to care for our skin and appearance so that we look beautiful. Here are some interesting hacks that will help you to look your best.

Chapped Lips


This hack comes all the way from Italy. When you have chapped lips that are bothering you then you should adopt the habit of dabbing some olive oil on your lips regularly before going to bed.

Skin softening mask


This skin mask is very popular in Colombia. You just have to make a paste of strawberries, honey and yogurt and then apply it to your skin. This will give proper nourishment, moisture and hydration to your skin.

Dry Cuticles


This magical beauty hack is from Venezuela. According to this hack you can moisturize your cuticles using avocado. You can either use avocado paste or avocado oil.

Dry Hair


To keep the moisture of your hair intact, you should adopt this hack from Greece. Washing your hair with rosemary water locks the moisture inside the locks instead of drying the hair out like chemically made shampoos.



This hack from Costa Rica says that whenever you are conditioning your hair, you should add a table spoon of honey to it. This will make the conditioner more hydrating. It will also encourage fast hair growth.

Nail Paint stains


This hack is from France. To remove any leftover nail polish stains, you soak your nails in lemon water. It will remove the stains fast due to acidic leaching properties.

Face Mask


This interesting fruity face mask is from Chile. This face mask can e prepared with grapes and white flour. You should apply only a thin layer and then wash it off before it hardens. It will give you glowing skin instantly.

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