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Beer is good for the Skin…See How

Beer is a tasty alcohol beverage that we all enjoy any time of the day. You must have familiar with something called beer shampoo too. Beer has many other skin benefits. Here I tried to list some of them for you:

Beer is a soothing cleanser which helps to dissolve dead skin cells and increase the elasticity of the skin. It also reduces the aging effect on your skin.

When beer is added with lime juice, it also helps to clear blocked pores. This mixture also lights the brown spots.


Beer removes out the toxins in the body and cleans up the pores in the skin with its alcoholic properties.

Beer can hydrate the skin and can make the skin smooth from internally as it has Vitamin B.


Beer has anti bacterial properties that can provide relief from acne.


Beer can add the bouncy effect in your hair.

As beer is made up of the inherent ingredients like water, starch and malted barley, brewer’s yeast it don’t reflect the side effects when it is blended with the face masks or facials.

Beer also helps to maintain the pH level of the skin.


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