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Behind the ear tattoo trend

Inking the body the latest the the hugest trend this year! Incredible art works are the attractive thing of course, but the body parts that women are choosing these days for these tattoos is also notice worthy.

Behind the ear tattoos are becoming style statements and really popular. This is something that looks classy and funky at the same time. This becomes the perfect tattoo spot. These small tattoos with artistic and attractive designs appear totally cool. Celtic style arts, gothic artwork, floral patterns, stars, anchors, birds, hearts, butterflies, astrological designs etc are in fashion now a days.

Bearing the pain of getting these tattoos is completely worth the look that it gets after a few days. Since behind the ear is a very small space with less skin padding, it might feel awkward when the needle hits your bones but there is hardly any bleeding. After this pain, you will get a totally classy tattoo.

The important thing about this spot and the tiny tattoo is that this is a spot which you can show it off whenever you want! You can choose to hide it easily with your hair and you can flaunt by just tying your hair or by slicking your hair aside. See some tenee-tiny tattoo designs here which are quite popular and you might like any. If you want a bold personality, do try any of these!

The little pixie tattoo


Something artistic


A lovely rose




For music lovers


Precious words


Love struck- hearts


Celebrity trending- Rita Ora


Thank you

Love you all




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