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Best Pink Nail Polish Of 2016

Hello dolls 

As girls, we can’t deny our obvious and undying love for the color pink. I’m also not shy to share to you that I have lots of things that comes in color pink – from my wallet, garments, bags and even up to my own makeup and mani-pedi kit. Even I love to put on a pink nail polish every now and then. Pink isn’t a childish color as it’s completely feminine, cute and adorable which only makes it so lovable. If you have the same love for pink just as I do, then I know that you’ll also want to have the best pink nail polish that you could flaunt as you wiggle those hands of yours wherever you are.

There are definitely different types of pink enamels out there – from pale pink up to the brightest and most vibrant pink you’re aware of. All types of pink have their own sense of beauty, however, even the same shades aren’t equal especially if they’re from different brands. If you want to get the hottest pink that would burn the inner pinky passion in you, then continue to read on and try this list of the best pink nail polish I’ve got which will certainly make you fall in love with this color even deeper than you already have.

  1. Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color – Rose Exuberant 
This shade, ‘Rose Exuberant ’, from the famous brand of Chanel will definitely take your breath away with its astounding color that’s not too dark nor too light. A light pink color may turn out to be more neutral than you can imagine while a dark and deep pink may turn out to be a total stand-out. Although being a total stand-out maybe pretty tempting sometimes, it still doesn’t compare to the fine line of dark and light which this Rose Exuberant shade offer. By being exactly between the dark and light shades of pink, it’s as if you are offered with the best of both worlds. You can also try their 575 Starlet which is also a total feast for the eyes.
  1. Essie Nail Polish – Ralph Lauren pink 
There are times when you definitely don’t want to go full-pink though you still want to have a somewhat pinkish nail color. The solution? This nail polish on Ralph Lauren pink hat will render you with the best qualities of pink and a hint of the oh-so lovable, lavender color. Lavender is a color that just screams spring, but you can most definitely wear this gorgeous combination whatever season it is on your place. The bottom line is that with the combination of pink and lavender, you’ll still have the same level of beauty and feminine vibe which you’ll definitely keep coming back for more, even without going all-out with a vibrant pink.
  1. OPI Nail Lacquer – Kiss Me I’m Brazilian
OPI, one of the most influential and renowned brand in nail products render you this breathtaking nail color that would definitely stand out from the crowd through its sheer hue, pigment and long staying power. This ‘Kiss Me I’m Brazilian’, one of many OPI lacquer’s full set of shades, will offer you with a luscious and delectable color that you won’t get enough of. The pink that this color gives is extremely vibrant and eye-catching, making it a worthy addition to your mani-pedi kit whatever the occasion you’re attending to – whether you’ll be going with your usual daily routine or if you’re up for a more upscale celebration soon. The vivid color this enamel will leave your nails with will surely make you swear by the color pink even more.

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