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Best Rihanna Make up Looks

Aren’t you fascinated by glamorous make up and hairdos of Rihanna? If not so…Go Girl, Get a life! Riahanna continues to surprise and mesmerize her fans with her ever altering and bewitching looks. Her recurrent makeovers set the standards for glamour industry. These looks of Rihanna swing the trends of the fashion world.

The Wild

Rihanna is the wild style icon for glamour industry. Dark and blackish highlighted eyes give a gothic and mysterious appearance. The careful selection of accessories is adding to this haunting mood

1The bouncy Locks

This bouncy hair tendrils with light glimmering make up is another of Rihanna’s exotic look. The shimmery golden eyes with light lipstick are complementing the reddish gown.

2The Classy Beauty

The highlighted eyeliner and dark lipstick is what gives this elegant look to Rihanna. This is a different look than many of Rihanna’s rough looks. Each and every detail seems perfect.

3Best Summer’s Look

Teal Eye shadow and Reddish lipstick is the pairing of two boldest summer colours. The red hair is adding to the cool look. This baby doll look is just spellbounding.

4Sumptuous Plum

Combination of contouring, plum lipstick and liquid catty black eyeliner is giving Rihanna a sensuous look.

5The Sober Side

The natural makeup hues…Steamy! The golden skin tone with beigey pink lipstick is giving a graceful touch to Rihanna’s personality.


 Classic Red

Matching lips to her gown, Rihanna chose Red for the red carpet! The earthy metallic eyes, shimmery bronzer and velvety orange red lipstick gave a stuniing look to Rihanna for Grammy awards.


You might not try these make up look upon yourself, but these looks are definitely captivating. Rihanna make her own style statement with her every look. You can also define yourself by your entranced appearance…Just follow Rihanna!

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