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Bodysuits top fashion

You must have seen celebs styling glamorous bodysuits in front of their fans. The new trend is to wear these bodysuits as tops! You can try these body hugging bodysuits as tops and be sensuous.

Full sleeves



If you think that full sleeves are not hot and meant for elder women, you are strongly mistaken. You can try a body suit with full sleeves and deep V-neck to have an appealing look. Black will be the best colour coz it will be the most attractive. You can carry it with any bottom wear, it will be simply gorgeous.

With denims



Bodysuits as tops look perfect and best suitable with denims. Both denim and bodysuits are in vogue. A blend of both will be amazing. Denim jeans, denim skirts and even denim shorts will look nice with bodysuits.

Lace up bodysuits



Lace ups are the trendiest thing around you! Any colour, any bottom wear will be good with a lace up body suit as a top. Lace up will give a bit revealing and sexy appearance. Go for it if you wanna be sensuous.

Get inspired from these celebs!



You must have spotted many celebrities trending bodysuits as tops these days. Kim Kardashian is the most prominent one among these celebs. Her love for bodysuits is evident from her outfits. She doesn’t leave out any chance of showing off her curves.

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