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Breaking these 5 rules! A Sin against beauty

You might be a makeup lover or might have exceptional natural beauty, here are certain things which you should definitely keep in mind in your daily routine. You must not break these beauty rules.

Loud lips and loud eyes



If you are going bright or loud on your lips, then you must not go heavy on your eyes. Heavy eye make up looks good only if you are easy on the lips.

No eyeliner on the inner rim


Putting liner on the inner rim can actually make your eyes look smaller. So that would be totally against the purpose of putting on an eye liner. Especially black one…just avoid that.

Mixing fragrances


It would be the last thing that you wanna do to your precious perfumes. Just respect fragrances and let them be on their own without layering.

Take your make-up off


Taking off your makeup before going to bed is a necessity. If you don’t do that, you are simply harming your skin on your own.

Foundation that matches your skin colour


Never make the mistake even by mistake by using a foundation that doesn’t match your skin. It can actually make you look like a clown.

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