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This is how you can beat PMS

Pre Menstrual Stress…that every women has to go through every month! People might call you unreasonable, moody or even mad, but this is the reality. Here are some tips with which you remain cheerful and live even when you PMSing.

Yoga or meditation


Before your periods, you become stressed and hormone called cortisol is produced. This hormone imbalance causes anger and bad mood. Yoga and meditation will act as stress reliever.



For your boaty and crampy body, exercise is helpful because it can boost your endorphins to improve your mood.

Stop Smoking


This bad habit is going to make your period as well as you PMS even worse. So stay healthy, stay calm.

 Plenty of water

young teenager drinking water after exercise.

The extra water, just a few more glasses on top of whatever you regularly drink, will actually help flush your system so your body holds onto less liquid.

Ease of caffeine



Caffeine will increase your anxiety. The more caffeine women drank, the more likely they were to experience serious symptoms of PMS. That doesn’t mean you have to give up coffee altogether.

Whole foods


PMS affects our body’s ability to regulate insulin. Eating processed foods, which tend to contain more sugar and less fiber than whole foods, will only make things worse. Whole grains like brown rice, avocado etc will be actually helpful.

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