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Caramel Manicure-pedicure…an innovation worth trying

You must have heard and tried manicure and pedicure several times. Have you ever heard of caramel manicure and pedicure? This is the latest trend in the market. Doesn’t this sound great and sweet? Let’s see what it is actually.


This is actually a caramel and cane sugar treatment for your heat ripped hands and feet. This procedure involves soaking your hands and feet in hot water with rose petals and a caramel mix. Raw sugar, walnut husks and buttermilk involved in this mixture will help to keep your skin hydrated and moist.



It also consists of honey and milk which will trap the moisture inside your skin. The natural antioxidants present in this manicure-pedicure will eliminate each and every sign of dryness from your skin.


This Caramel mani-pedicure was initiated by Nail salons in Khar, Andheri, Colaba and Beach Candy. We must say it really works and worth giving a try. The name itself sounds sweet and fancy, why not try it then!

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