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Celebrate this Diwali with These Low Calorie Sweets

This Diwali Go healthy.

Yes, this is my motto for this Diwali. As you all know Diwali is the festival of light but in this light of this festival we consume too much calories in the form of sweets and snacks. Although the calories are our biggest concern but that does not mean that we shouldn’t enjoy Diwali. So here are some sweets that are on lower amount of calories than others (you can have them in controlled amount):

Kaju Katli


Yes it is true that Kaju Katli has very low amount of calories as one piece of this delicious sweet Kaju katli has only 57 calories. You can go for sugarfree Kaju katli which has same taste but it is bit healthier.

Puran Poli


This Maharastrian Ethnic Sweet contains only 80 calalories per piece. So this Diwali go for it plus they are very easy to make so try to make them at your home.



This sweet might have 130 calories per 50gm but it is full of protiens and carbohydrates. So this Diwali have it and keep yourself energize for whole day.



This dairy based sweet has only 100 calories per piece plus I is rich in calcium. So a low amount of Kalakands can become the treat for this Diwali.

Oats Kheer


Just use Oats and jaggery instead of rice and sugar in a normal Kheer and you have one of the healthiest desserts with you.

Malai Laddus


These small balls of paneer and malai have only 40 calories per piece. So you can have it without disturbing your daily diet schedule.

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