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Celebrities pulling off Safari Style

We all love safari style for a change from your monotonous styling. Even celebrities do that! Here are some of the celebs who pull off this safari style in a gorgeous manner.

Kim Kardashian



It would be perfectly fair to list Kim Kardashian first in this list because she is like a fashion wizard! Kim Kardashian has pulled off this style many times in different ways. But every time, you just can’t take your eyes off her. IT may be exposing or not…she just looks hot.

Dakota Johnson


In Safari style from head to toe! Dakota styled this monochromatic jumpsuit with the same colour fur vest. She seems completely ready for safari ride right now.

Catherine Zeta Jones


Catherine’s sweatpants are giving a cool holiday look and her footwear and funky hat are adding on to this look. This jazzy appearance is totally suiting her.

Kate Bosworth


Kate’s unique safari style is worth our appreciation. She just picks a cool blazer in safari style and pairs it with her sober white top and shorts. This look is going well with her personality.

Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga never disappoints us. She always comes with surprises and amazingly amusing looks. This safari style cum cowboy look is one of her nice looks. This style even suits her attitude.

Marisa Meester


This ‘Gossip Girl’ lead knows how to impress her fans. She chose a sober yet classy outfit combination. Her trousers and sweet cotton top in safari style looks snazzy and she rocks this style.



Last but certainly not the least…we have Beyonce on our list. Her cool khakhi look gives a sense of Safari ready. She has never failed to pull off any look. So is this one!

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