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Celebrities trending slinky corsets

There actually exist some exist chic and trendy ways to wear a corset. Adding corsets to your wardrobe is a wise and fashionable option. Celebrities are styling corsets to accentuate the curves their bodies and I must say they look amazingly hot.

Kim Kardashian’s corsets and spanx

Kim Kardashian is the queen of hotness! The best part about her is that she is quite open about her style and her body. She reveals her secrets of hotness and trending to her fans. In the first picture she wears a nude as a top with a black skirt.

In the last two pictures she flaunts her curves with a spanx. Unlike many other celebrities she is quite open about wearing spanx. She even let her spanx show by wearing a nude tube dress. She even said it openly that sometimes she wears two body shapers at a time.

Whatever she wears, whatever people say, she looks absolutely appealing and voluptuous!



Celebs wearing corsets

A corset is no more a mere part of lingerie. It has become a chic outer wear and these celebrities prove that. These celebs style corsets in both casual and sparkling rock star way. Most of the celebs have styled corsets in some of the concerts, red carpets or award functions.

Miranda Kerr in sparkling green corset


Rihanna wears dazzling black corset with leather pants



Sexy Lady Gaga silver corset


Miley Cyrus casual black corset with denim shorts


Beyonce red hot starry corset


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