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Celebs exposing boldly

The glamorous celebrity world is very appealing. The celebs are always at their best to seek attention of their fans. The outfits of most of the celebs are really catchy and attractive. The whole personality of these celebs depends upon their outfits and make up.

To seek attention or to appeal the people, some celebs are ready to daringly expose their body and appear sexy on the big screen. People actually go mad over the hot and alluring attires of these celebs. Look at some of these bold and beautiful divas and how they carry themselves in revealing dresses.

Rihanna– As always, foxy and appealing


This dress exposes pretty much! This diva walked the red carpet in 2014 with this Adam Selman outfit confidently.

Amber Rose– The one who dares!


Spotted at 2014 MTV Video music awards, Amber Rose hardly covered her body and you can easily call her the worst dressed celeb at this function.

Jennifer Lopez– Our dear J. Lo, the bold beauty


J.Lo loves to show off her body and she looked actually beautiful in this outfit at MET Gala 2015.

Kim Kardashian– Showing her curves off


Peter Dundas has created this awesome and graceful dress for Kim in which she graced MET Gala.

Iggy Azalea– Going completely sheer


The lady goes golden at Iggy Azalea at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.

Miley Cyrus– Not afraid of anything


I wonder why Miley chose to go topless! High thigh metallic boots and this long blonde ponytail…was she trying a sci-fi look?

Beyonce– The hot beauty in the revealing sheer


Beyonce…the show stopper this time!  This sheer embellished Givenchy dress is just mermerizing.

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