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Champagne Eye shadow to gel perfectly with summers

For this summer season you need to get ready with outfits and make up that go well with the weather. You don’t have to be too bright or too dull! For your eye makeup, champagne or Prosecco coloured eye shadow is more than perfect! Its soberness, light tone and amazing blending with all skin colours will be good for summers.

Whether it is for an evening event or for a day ceremony, this champagne eye shadow wil be nice. Another good thing about it is that it complements all skin tones.



Just have a quick at these brands which will give you the best Champagne eye shadows.

  • Clinique in Ample Amber and Bountiful Beige

  • Sisley Paris in Ombre Glow in Pearl

  • Bobbi Brown in Sunlight Gold

  • Giorgio Armani in 8 Champagne

  • MAC in Frosty Champagne Pink



Crease cut champagne eye shadow


You can always apply it in a crease cut style for an edgy look. Just be good with your liner. Black liner goes the best with champagne coloured eye shadow.

Under Eye


Giving a touch of champagne colour below your eyes eyes along with eye lids will be even more beautiful.

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Love you all



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