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Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara

Hi dolls

When it comes to mascara, I’ll try anything to make my stumpy lashes look long and lush. The new Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes mascara landed on my desk a few weeks ago and I’ve been testing it out ever since.

So what’s different about this mascara? It’s the ingredients!

  • Marine Glycogen to stimulate the growth of the hair follicle.

  • Tamanu Oil to protect, nourish and strengthen the lashes.

  • A blend of waxes to give the mascara flexibility.

  • Intense Carbon Black pigment for extreme lashes.

  • IMG_0319

The brush is pretty cool too. It’s called a “multi-bristle flutter brush” because of its bristles of varying size making sure every lash gets love.

Three coats really do give the lashes more length and a TON of volume, It doesn’t clump, doesn’t crack and doesn’t drop! Whenever I do red carpet work I will choose to dial up either the eyes or lips, but one thing that is always FULL VOLUME are the lashes.


A thick, lush Hollywood false lash effect will enhance the shape of your eye, bring out the eye colour and frame the entire face. This is really important as the longer the lashes, the more flattering the look – whether you are creating a wing, doll, or false-lash look, it is ALL about the lashes!

Unlike other volumising formulas, the unique mix of waxes and genius ingredients ensures the formula is hydrating and full of bounce:

The verdict: Although I prefer length and separation and don’t normally like the look of thick, voluminous lashes, this mascara is a really good option for when you want to go big and bold. I like is that the pigment is very, very black and every lash really does get coated. This does not smudge or crack or flake either. If you’re looking for in your face bold and voluminous lashes, then grab the Tilbury Legendary Lashes mascara!

So basically I am completely unsurprised that Charlotte’s Legendary Lashes Mascara does, in fact, perform quite legendarily. When it comes to mesmerizing eyes, the woman has it down to an art and the mascara junkie in me lives for it. This will no doubt become my new favorite mascara (except for super hot days where I’ll bust out a waterproof formula).


Have you tried either of Charlotte Tilbury’s mascaras? What was the last mascara that blew you away?


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Stay Beautiful & Blessed!

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