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Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Rescue Cream

Hi Dolls

Today I am going to review my Charlotte Tilbury products with details and prices .

Let’s get started:

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Rescue Cream is considerably more impressive and I fear for my safety with this stuff as it is $145 and I can see myself repurchasing it because I actually love it!

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Rescue Cream is a marketed as an “Intense Firming, Plumping Balm-Elixir” which comes housed in a heavy, elegant jar that’s 1.7 oz in size.




There’s a lot going on here but one of the biggest claims here is that you’ll “wake up to the best skin of your life”. YUP! True! If you have dry skin and you use a drop (yes, a drop!) of Magic Night Rescue Cream you will wake up to the best skin of your life.

This was 5 years in the making and it contains a mix of ingredients that transforms tired and dull skin into a gorgeous, smooth, soft complexion. It contains time-released retinol (which means nothing courtesy the poor packaging) as well as glycerin, water, and a host of other ingredients including Vitamin E, and BioNympth Peptides which act to stimulate collagen production apparently while fighting off free radicals and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Plus it also contains castor seed oil for super moisture.

Here’s the thing…


A lot of what this promises to do isn’t exactly what my current skin needs. I might not fit into the exact demographic that the cream is suited for as I don’t yet have finer lines on my face nor has my skin lost elasticity. My skin is dry and dull and this addresses both those issues brilliantly. If it maintains my youthful glow in the future I’ll be happy and I must say if you’re keeping your skin well hydrated in your youth, chances are in your older age you’re going to look good so that’s one benefit of using this cream. Secondly, it hydrates like you would not believe. I can’t express how moisturizing this stuff does. It’s seriously the end all night cream for me! I don’t need anything else in my skincare life, this is it.



However, it isn’t a formula everyone will like. It’s thick, balmy, sticky, tacky, heavy, and feels like vaseline on crack. The best way to describe it is a melted down balm with a creamy consistency. A little goes a very, very, very, very, very long way. It’s extremely sticky initially but it absorbs fast enough and leaves behind a very well hydrates slightly tacky finish. I apply it perhaps a little too generously in the evening (two pea size amounts on either cheek, massaged in). Typically I apply my essence, serum, etc…and follow up with this as the last step in my nightly routine. I also tend to give myself a little facial massage with it as I apply.

In the morning, I look amazing. Well, hydrated, soft, smooth, and brighter. My dullness is considerably eased since I started using this (I started at the end of December and the pot still looks like I just purchased it now) and my drier areas are completely eliminated.


As I said it isn’t a formula for everyone. It takes some getting used to and it is quite heavy but I love what it has done for my skin and I feel like if I continue to use it that my skin will thank me 5, 10, or more years down the road.

Would I buy it again though is the real question isn’t it?

I would.

Crummy packaging aside, this is one of the heaviest moisturizers I own and one of the most effective at fighting dryness and giving me the skin I’ve always wanted. So yes, I’d be willing to splurge on it again.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Rescue Cream isn’t without issues but for this much moisture I’m willing to put up with them.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Rescue Cream is available now at or gets it at

Stay Beautiful & Blessed!

Thank you

Love you all



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