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Clothing pieces to make you look slimmer

All of us remain concerned about our looks and figure. Before buying anything or before wearing anything the first though in our minds is that how is it going to make us look? Girls who are little chubby are even more worried. This concern is quite genuine because it partly depends upon your clothing also that how you look.

Here are some suggestions for picking up your clothes which can actually make you look slimmer and in turn can make you happy.

Dark shades


This is a well known fact that dark coloured clothes make you look slimmer. Black being the top on this list, makes you look classy, sexy and slim. So try to wear black when you want to look your best.

Shape wear


Shape wear are literally your true friends because they are very effective. When you want to hide your bulges from thighs, stomach, back etc, embrace shape wear.

Single colour


It is preferable that you wear one single hue. Same colour in upper and bottom wear gives a vertical line which makes you look slimmer as well as taller.

High waists


High waist jeans, jeggings and shorts tend to hide your tummy. Dark coloured high waist jeans would be the best for casual wear.

Straight jeans


A straight jeans in dark colour with ankle length is the right one for you. This will give an illusion of elongated body and will divert focus from your chubby thighs and legs.

Focus on waist


Dresses with belts shift the focal point to your waist instead of the accumulated fat on below and above the waist line.

Midline Zipper


This will draw all the eyes to the zip in the middle and you can hide your bulges. Make sure you are not wearing very light colour and zip should be the highlight of your dress.

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