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Cobra Braids

The name sounds scary…but it’s actually not! The cobra braids looks really pretty and mesmerizing. So put aside your boring hairdos and try this one.

This trend came up at New York Fashion Week 2016. It was created by Aveda guest artist Jon Reyman for Leanne Marshall. After that it became quite popular.

How to make it

  1. Part your hair down the middle, and split it into 3 sections, making the middle one slightly bigger.

  2. Put that middle section into a ponytail, preferably using a clear, thick band.

  3. Start the braid by taking the left section and crossing it over the middle ponytail section like you’re making a “4.” Thread that left same section under the right section.

  4. Bring that right section under the middle ponytail and left section (which is now on the right), and through the hole that you made when first crossing the left section over the middle ponytail.

  5. Now bring that original left section (which is now on the right) back over in the same “4” pattern and under the right section that you had previously pulled over to that side.

  6. Take that right piece and thread it back under and through the hole that was made by the “4” pattern on the right side.

  7. Repeat once more for a more cobra-y look, and secure with bobby pins.


Cobra braid ponytail

From boring to bombshell! Why to make a casual and usual ponytail? Try a ponytail with a cobra braid which will look a bit different and gorgeous.





Different hairdos with Cobra Braids


This look can be created by conjoining two cobra braids together. This will be good if you want to stay carefree the whole day.


The best hairdo if you wanna keep your hair open. Make two sideways cobra braids and tie them at the back. You hair will be half tied stylishly!

Thank you

Love you all



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