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Today I want to share another star makeup product with my readers, from a star makeup brand, Cover FX. This is a Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation review and it is going to cover the product details, as well as highlight who, in particular, might find this product useful. I will also share where you might acquire said makeup, too.

Mineral powders are not a novelty but ever since Bare Minerals rolled out their monster marketing campaign, it has suddenly burst onto the makeup scene with a flair so grandiose, you would be excused to believe it was indeed the best thing invented since sliced bread. Proponents of ‘green’ living were quick to embrace this fashion, deeming this the lesser of the evils out there. The evils in question would be your traditional liquid foundations and their largely lab-derived ingredients. People with all forms of skin intolerance issues have also welcomes mineral makeup with arms wide open. And every brand worth their salt rushed to jump on the bandwagon.

The coverage is medium but can be built up to hide sufficient sins (except the very noticeable breakouts, for which you would need a concealer with most foundations in any case). It also somehow neutralizes any natural redness some of us suffer from without the need for correctors and whatnot.


The range of shades is, as expected, massive and can be matched to suit all and any undertone out there.

The packaging is sleek, simple and easy to keep clean (here is looking at you, Bare Minerals!). Pressed powders are generally neater and easier to store and manage to begin with but a no-nonsense compact that Cover FX produced, this is even easier.

The other negative point for me is the usual problem with mineral powders that Cover FX resolves only partially, the shine control. Although Cover FX’s formula manages to keep shine at bay for much longer than its competitors, I still need to blot or powder up about 3-4 hours after initial application.


There’s not a lot of product fall out from my brush so it’s not super messy and there’s less waste, which I appreciate.

If you prefer to keep your makeup in powder form and want to forget you are wearing any, mere minutes after application, this is the product for you.

If you want something that is easy to touch up on the go, this is the product for you.

If you are a fan of mineral formulations and do not need more than a light-to-medium coverage, Cover FX Pressed Mineral Powder is the product for you.

However, if you have significant breakouts and need a lot of concealer work, there are better formulas out there, with Cover FX included.

Cover FX is available in all major Sephora stores around the world, and online via Beauty Bay, which deliver to everywhere .

I hope you all have found this review helpful. I will see you all soon in my next review post. Thank you for stopping by and going through it.

Stay Beautiful & Blessed!

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Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation Review

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