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Crazy yet attractive eye makeup

Trying new eye make ups is every girl’s hobby! But here are some eye make ups that will surprise you. These eye make ups are totally crazy yet quite beautiful. You literally need courage and lots and lots of time to try these. Just have a quick look at some of such eye make-ups.

The butterfly eyes: Absolutely girly it is! It’s not that difficult, you can give it at least.


Perfectly Eco-friendly: Going green with your eyes too! Green shadow with a few patterns of pink. Also the pink under eye liner is complementing the green shadow.



The ladybug eyes: Converting your eyes completely into a ladybug…isn’t it funny!


The musical eyes: Rainbow colours along with added musical notes! Must be a music lover.


Card game on your eyes: Painting you eyes with different cards is literally crazy and unique. It is looking foxy though!


Watermelon eyes: The name sounds fun, so is the appearance!


The night landscape: Have you ever imagined a whole landscape painted on to your eyes? If not, then have a look at it. This is a perfect Halloween thing!


Blue and red: Combination of blue and red is not crazy but painting your brow along with it, this certainly is!


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