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Curly bangs trend

Fringes are actually eternal! May it be straight or wavy or even curly…they just give your personality an element of style. Here are some tips for styling curly bangs.

  • You can go for heavy bangs if you have a square face or large forehead. This will make your eyes highlighted.

  • For smaller forehead, swept away bags suit the most.

  • Right bang cut will be the best for round faces. If your bangs are hitting right above your brows, there can be nothing better.

  • All kinds of curly bangs will go with oval faces. The bangs should hit right below the brow bone.


Even celebrities are going for curly bangs. They will definitely give you confidence along with style.



Letting your hair dry naturally and shaggy will be good. Using curl cream helps to make it less frizzy. Then you can use a wide tooth comb, then scrunch and then shake them out. Creating chunky cool curls will really good to stay up to minute with the latest trend.



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