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Dark Circle Treatment

Dark circles are quite common. These are really bad for every woman who wants to be beautiful. You don’t need to worry much about it. Here are some simple treatments to treat your dark circles.



This is the simplest way and tomatoes are easily available in every household. Just mix tomato and lemon juice and apply on dark circles. You dark circles will gradually vanish.

Almond oil


The multipurpose almond oil is useful for dark circles too. You just need to apply it directly and massage a bit for good result.

Tea bags


Green tea bags will really be soothing to your eyes and they will help erase the dark circles too. Dip bags in water, keep in refrigerator and then on your eyes.

Fresh cucumber


Applying slices of fresh cucumber on your eyes everyday will remove the dark circles. Although it may take time, but it certainly works.

Cold Milk     



Using cotton balls and dipping them in milk…after that applying them on the affected area will help to erase dark circles permanently because of the lactic acid.

Rose water




The antioxidants properties of rose water will strengthen your skin cells. Using a cotton ball, you can easily apply it on the affected area.

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