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Dark Sea Makeup Look

Hi dolls

I am showing you today a crazy dark sea makeup look as you can see in picture I was in creative mood , which happened frequently  now a days.

first of all , I wore my Bella lenses ,then I prep my face with primer and then my full coverage foundation ,,,,, Then I start using my The balm met mat palette , I chose to make a dark smoky eyes .

After I finished my smoky eyes I felt that I should do something more , then the idea as you can see just happened .

I have many metalic eyeliner and i thuoght to give it a shot and just see how will turn out…. I apply gel in my eye brows with a gold metalic gel , fom a Thai brand then lined it with silver metalic colour , memecing a hair line of the eyebrows . then i loved it so i pop on a metalic eyeshadow on my center lid and in my inner corner .

In my center of my lower lashes line i wore a silver eyeliner as a masscara ….. so creative i know hahahah

In the end of my eye look i wore some accessories ( Dimond stickers  ) in left eye to complete the look

Now lets talk about lips darlings:

I wore a jumpo black liner from NYX as a lipstick then same silver and gold liner i dot it in all over my lips.

I hope you like it guys as I have a lot of fun creating this for you.

















Stay Beautiful & Blessed!

Thank you

Love you all




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