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Dashing Foil Nail Art

With the changing trends, you need to style your nails also. The latest trend for your dear nails is the nail art with foil. Let’s see how easy it is! And along with it, your nails will appear glamorous.


First of all, apply a basecoat. Then paint your nails with two coats of a polish that matches a colour in the foil. Your nails must be 100 percent dry before applying the foil, but first, in order to get the foil to stick, you have to use a special transfer foil adhesive. Paint it over your colored nail polish and allow it to dry for about one minute or until the glue turns clear.

Lay a piece of transfer foil over your nail and gently press it into the adhesive with a cotton swab, starting in the middle at the base of your nail and moving across your nail from left to right in a back-and-forth motion to flatten it perfectly. Then gently peel off the foil.

Finally, apply two coats of a non-quick drying topcoat and don’t forget to swipe it over the tips of your nails to protect the foil from coming up on the edges.





The one and only flaw of this nail art is that it doesn’t last for many days. But the few days for which it lasts are totally worth it.

Thank you

Love you all



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