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Delhi Girls! See how they Rock

Delhi Girls literally rule and rock! Not only in fashion but in make up as well. Not only clothing but make up styles also vary from area to area in Delhi. But with their own make-up styles…each and every girl rocks.

Delhi University



Popular for their glamorous look, DU girls are really fond of make-up. Lipstick and liner are must for them while going to college. They don’t seem to believe in simplicity much. Their make-up always complements their stylish clothing. That’s the reason DU guys are really lucky.

Chandni Chowk


With their ethnic Indian looks, Chandni Chowk girls can impress anybody. They are much sober and simple in case of make-up. They are inclined more towards accessories like bangles and jhumkas. But they do love kajal!

Connaught Place


Beware Girls! CP girls have got glaring make-up styles. Highlighting liner, bright glossy lipstick, blushing cheeks…this is their signature. Shades and high heels do accompany this look. They seem totally classy with it.



ELEGANT is the word that describes the make-up of working women of Gurgaon. With their formal clothing, these girls put perfect make-up, neither too much and bright nor too dull.



Typical Indian Punjabi look is the sign of a Rajouri girl. Braided hairdo, glossy lipstick and kajal define these pretty ladies. They love blazing make- up and bright looks.



With their simple clothing, JNU girls don’t actually share a close relation with make- up. A small Bindi and thick kajal is all they need. They seem satisfied with their sombre and simple looks.

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