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Dior Cruise Show 2016


Christian Dior Fashion Show 2016 was held at Le Palais Bulles, a palace halfway between Cannes and Monaco. The goofy venue was the most interesting part of this show. Let’s look at some of the amazing attire and looks.

 Statement bags



The out of the box bags from Dior grabbed the attention of the audience immediately. Bags were as amazing as the outfits and the accessories. Varieties of colours, patterns, shimmer etc were showcased here.

Unmatchable outfits


Dakota Fanning’s outfit has actually enhanced her beauty! White and black combination looked fabulous and out of the world.


This classic check dress with full sleeves and fitted waist was a bit different. This eccentric dress looked amazing with the different pattern of the check shorts.


This classy black and white printed skirt along with skin showing top looked gorgeous. Also, the black and silver sling bag is just too catchy.


From head to toe, this outfit is unflawed! The pointed boots, glaring bag, net upper wear and printed skirt are just in the perfect blend with each other.


This style is lot different than usual! And this is what Dior is famous for. The unusual prints and the colour combinations are more than perfect.

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