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Diorskin Forever Foundation

Hi Dolls

This foundation has made a star appearance in quite a few years, so I wanted to give it its own page and place in my “hall of fame”. I think that rather than me spouting a load of words about this product, it’s easiest for you to see the effect for yourselves.

The bottle of the foundation is very luxurious and I can tell you that it won’t break! Since I’m clumsy I dropped on the floor, very hard. Nothing happened! You’re probably thinking ‘who cares’ well I do, because you don’t know drama until a foundation bottle breaks in your bag with books and stuff. As you can see the bottle comes with a pump who squeezes out the perfect amount of foundation for your face. The awesome thing about the pump is that you can basically decide yourself how much is going to come out of it. The Diorskin Forever Foundation actually promises a matte finish, but that’s not what you’re going to get, in my experience. Maybe if you have very dry skin. I have an oily combination skin and this foundation gave me a phenomenal glow. My skin looks naturally beautiful and healthy! The colour that I’m using is 040-Miel. I like foundations that give you coverage. I would say the Diorskin Forever Foundation has a light to medium coverage, which is fine for me.




As you can see the foundation is very liquid! The amount I have on my hand is one pump, which is enough for your whole face. I apply the foundation with my fingers. I have to say that Dior isn’t the brand to go to if you’re darker than me. I hope they will change their colour range as Rihanna is their spokesperson now. How stupid would that be? You have a coloured person as a spokesperson yet you have no make up for dark people. Most of the foundation have a peachy undertone. I don’t mind really because I use bronzer and blush, which automatically matches my tone.

P.S : left one in shade 30 and right one in shade 23



– Looks natural

–  Medium to full coverage

– Doesn’t clog up your skin


-Easy to apply

– Price 4300 Inr

– Has Colour range

– Not suitable for people with (very) oily skin

Overall, I love this foundation. I really do. Weird isn’t it? How a product can make you feel pretty. I would definitely repurchase this foundation, especially if they expand their colours. Hope you enjoyed the review!

Stay Beautiful & Blessed!

Thank you

Love you all




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