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DIY Diwali Lamps

Diwali is the festival of lights. Beautiful Diyas, bright candle lights and everything full of cheerfulness…this is the essence of this festival. To lighten up your home, you don’t need to buy expensive lamps and lights when you can make them easily at home. Here is a simple procedure to make lamps on your own in a few minutes.

Things you need

  • Colour thick chart papers


    • A pair of scissors


  • Glue/ fevicol


  • Cello tape


  • Glitters (Optional)


  • Tinted Cellophane paper (Optional)


How to make

  1. First of all, take a thick chart paper and cut it into a rectangular shape depending upon what size you need.

  2. Then you have to make cut outs in those chart paper. You can cut out ovals, circles, hearts, diamonds or any other shapes of your choices.

  3. After that roll the sheets and paste the two edges together using either a cello tape or fevicol.

  4. If you want even dimmer lighting, you can paste cellophane paper on he cut out areas.


If you want, you can now put glitters on these lamps to make them even more attractive and festive.





How to use them

You just have to put a candle inside these lamps and light them up. You can place these lamps in corners of your house to make each and every corner lighten up on Diwali. Also you can place them in a row for a beautiful appearance.


You are certainly going to get numerous compliments from your guests!

Thank you

Love you all



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