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DIY Lace Nails

Your pretty nails can be prettier if you go with the trend. Lace nails look totally stylish and the best part is that it is very easy to do at home. We are giving you some tips to try lace nail art it at home.



First of all, you gotta clean and cut your nails properly just like a normal manicure.


Base coat

Apply your desired base coat once. Then after drying, apply one more coat. Preferable choose a light shade so that the lace colour gets highlighted. Now wait for it to dry properly.


Cut Lace

Now you have to cut lace into 10 small pieces depending upon the shape of your nail or the shape that you want.


Final Step

It’s time you apply the top coat. Immediately after applying it, put the lace on it. Now apply another coat after the lace gets stuck properly. This coat will help to give finishing and also the lace will get set appropriately. Cut off the extra lace if there is any.


You are now ready with your pretty stylish and trendy nails with a different style.

Thank you

love you all



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