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DIY Makeup Remover

The market is full of makeup remover but why go for some chemicals when you can make something good, healthy and effective??? The recipe is quite simple you will not have hunt for a long list of ingredients. The key ingredient will be extra virgin olive oil. The point to be noted about this oil is that extra virgin olive oil is quite similar to the oil which our skin produces. The good thing about this oil is it doesn’t make the skin dry. So enjoy your makeup removing:

The list of ingredients (not a long one)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Aloe Vera Juice


8 Ounce Bottle


Cotton Ball (at the time of removing makeup)



How to make it?

Seriously this is the simplest recipe ever just take a half cup extra virgin olive oil and fill it in the bottle. Now fill the empty space with aloe vera juice and SHAKE IT!!! Until they are almost mixed with each other…. it’s ready to use.

How to use it?

Take a cotton ball and soak it with this solution. Start from eyes and then go for rest of your makeup. After removing it, rinse your face.


PS. You have to shake it really hard.

Thank you

Love you all



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