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DIY Mask to Get Rid of Blackheads


Blackheads are one of the most common problems we face every day. Every problem has its solution and sometimes we can find the solution in our house itself. Here is the recipe of egg white mask for taking a break from blackheads. We all know about the nourishment of eggs, one of them is it prevents blackheads and at the same time it does make your skin dry too much. Let’s explore this easy recipe:

You will need:

1 egg


Facial tissues (toilet paper can also work)


1 small bowl


1 clean towel


How to apply it

Take an egg and separate the yolk from it. Now, rinse your face and dry it. Now apply a thin layer of egg white over your face. Now put facial tissues on the e layer of egg white and let it dry. Then, carefully apply the second layer over the facial tissue layer. After some time, when your face feel tight means the masks is dried. In the end, peel off the mask and wash your face and use the clean towel to dry your face.


Thank you

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