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DIY Painting and designing your Clothes

You don’t always need exclusively designer clothes. We give you these innovative ideas to try, design and paint your own clothes at home that will actually look very unique. These are a ‘must try’ for every girl to OWN her clothing designs and patterns.



This is the easiest technique to stylishly paint your clothes at home. Cut any shape you want from a form sheet. Now just dip it in your favourite fabric colour and put it on the cloth. You can choose your desired pattern. Wear it create your own fashion statement.




Stripes are very common but have you thought of doing that at home? You only need a comb and fabric colour to do it. Dip your comb in the fabric colour and move it smoothly on the clothes and you will get beautiful strips.

Lace covered Shorts



May it be tops or denims… lace designs look completely trendy. You can add lace to your existing clothes. All you need is a pretty lace. Cut it into your required shape and sew it on the cloth. It looks best on denim. So you must try it on shorts.


Studded Clothes






Studded denims and bags are in vogue. Create them at home by just purchasing some studs, putting them on the denim with some glue and then ironing it. You stylish studded outfit is ready!

Patch Work



For patch work, just cut out random pieces from other contrasting fabric. Sew it on your outfit with thread and needle and make it funky and cool.

Spotted Denim



Even if you are really bad at painting, animal prints are not very difficult to paint. You can even paint some polka dots. Just take a paint brush and with fabric paints paint your favourite designs. Just keep it in mind…have patience while painting.

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