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Don’t forget these beauty tips before you go to sleep

To look young and beautiful, your make up and day routine habits are the only things responsible. There are certain things that you need to concentrate upon before going to bed. Here are some things that you should never forget.

Remove your make up


Forgetting to remove your make up before sleeping is like a beauty sin. This can ruin your skin. So do remove makeup whenever you do not need it.

Eye cream



To stay young and keep your skin healthy you should not only focus on day creams. Pick a good night eye cream which protects wrinkles and keeps skin fresh overnight.

Moisturize your feet


Do not forget about keeping your feet soft and beautiful. Choose a good moisturizer for your feet too. You can also use petroleum jelly for this purpose.

Silk pillow cases


Silk and satin pillowcases will help in reducing hair fall during night to a great extent. Also keep your hair tied up while you go to sleep.

Sound and sufficient sleep


You should never be sleep deprived. It directly affects you skin as well as your mental health. Take sufficient seven hours sleep. This will actually be your beauty sleep.

Sleep on your back


If you are not in a habit of sleeping on your back then your blood vessels become constricted. This even causes dark circles and other dark spots.

Focus on dinner


Your dinner should always be rich in protein like pulses, fish etc. You should also keep it in mind that it should never be high in sugar levels if you want to look beautiful.

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