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Easy Ombre Nail Art at home


To decorate your nails, ombre or gradient nail art is one of the trendiest and easiest nail arts that you can apply sitting at your home. Here are some simple steps to do this nail art.

  • First of all, wash and clean your hands and nails properly.

  • Then choose the combination of two colours that suits you best or which you like.

  • You should then start with a clean basecoat.

  • Put the two colours adjacently on some plate and mix them a bit in the middle.


  • Now using a soft clean sponge piece, dip it in the two colours.

  • Now appropriately apply this on your nails.

  • Clean the extra nail colours from the sides of your nails.

  • Apply a clear topcoat for a proper finish.


You can go for two shades of the same colour and you can also take two completely contrasting colours for a catchy appearance. You can also use some glitter if you want a shimmery touch!




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