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Fendi Fashion Show 2016



Fendi spring fashion show that was held just a few days back and there is just one word to describe the show- ‘Awe-inspiring’. Each and every outfit seemed to be well crafted and thought of.

Another thing worth noticing in the show was the beautiful clutches and handbags that complemented the outfits. Also the choice of footwear was just superb. Let’s have a look at some of these amazing creations.

Tones of Red

Shades of red blended with white! These outfits just impressed the audience. These seemed like totally stylish outfits that are made for any girl next door. Absolutely handy and wearable! You could make the comfort level just merely by the appearance.



On the darker side- Blue

The models rocked the ramp with innovative and gorgeous outfits in the shades of blue. From light to deep dark blue, these outfits showcased the skills and creativity of the designer. These were a blend of retro with modernity.




The elegance in white

The incomparable sense of sophistication was present in some of the white dresses. Any woman can be stunningly beautiful with these outfits. The floral embellishments gave this outfit a feminine touch.



Devilish Black

The diabolical yet royal look of black outfits could not be matched. These outfits seemed to be designed with a personal touch. Casual yet stylish, sober yet trendy!



Thank you

Love you all



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