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Five Sunscreen Risks

Sometimes, we just lift any sunscreen we come across in the store. But do you know this attitude can lead you into big troubles. There are too many risks that are caused by your favorite sunscreen brand. So choose your sunscreen smartly to avoid long time troubles. Here is the list of some of the deadly risks that are caused by sunscreens.

Unwanted unhealthy Hormones


Oxybenzone is a material that is present in almost every sunscreen. After we apply the sunscreen, it penetrates in our skin and it acts like estrogen in our body which is very harmful for health. It is highly un-recommended to women. It can cause lower birth weight in new born girls.

Allergic Reactions


Oxybenzone is also responsible for itchy skin. It can cause enzema-like allergic reactions. So, it is advisable to choose a good sunscreen.

Skin Cancer


Mostly, sunscreen contains Rentinyl Plamitate that is a skin cancer triggering element. It could speed the growth of skin tumors.

False Sense of Security


SPFs above 50 SPF just protect you from those UV rays that are responsible for skin burn. Other UV rays can pass the wall of your sunscreen protection.


Finger spraying sun tan lotion

Spray sunscreen can miss the spots and can be easily pose an inhalation risk. The risk factor increases for the children.

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