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How to fix makeup in a moving car

No matter how busy you are…you are getting late or not…looking good should be your priority. It actually makes you more confident. There might be some times when you would be getting late but you need touch up with your makeup. Ladies! You can literally do it in your car without getting late. Here are some helpful tips.

Traffic signals

Woman in car giving thumbs up

Traffic signals will prove to be your best friends in such a situation. Leave the complicated things for your halts at the signals.

Eye makeup pencil


Eye shadow pencil will be really easy to use in a moving car. You can use your finger to give a perfect finish. Try avoiding gel or liquid products. It might create a mess.

Built in mirrors          


Try carrying products that have built in mirrors to avoid juggling between too many things in your lap and around you.



If you have even a little time at home, apply foundation. It requires proper lighting and attention.

For lips         


Go for a clear lip liner first. It will prevent your lip colour to stay bound. Tinted lip balm will do the job for you if it is some casual day.



This is going to be the most difficult task for you. You need to rest your elbow on your knee to attain stability. Don’t put on too much mascara that might mess it all up.

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