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Foods that Cause Hormonal Imbalance

If you don’t know about hormonal imbalance, here is the definition “Hormonal imbalance can refer to any abnormality in the balance of hormones that has noticeable effects on health and well-being.” Misbalancing of the hormones is an issue among our generation. Hormone imbalance can cause a long time sickness. If we avoid certain foods then we can save ourselves from nasty things. So try avoiding too much of following food:

Soy Products


Too much quantity of soy products can cause hormonal imbalance. These products are rich in a substance that is more or less same as estrogen. It can cause mood swings, depression, infertility, fat gain and muscle loss in women. So try nut milk instead of soymilk, coconut oil instead of margarine and rice protein instead of soy protein.



No doubt, it has many benefits but too much of poultry products can end up in hormonal imbalance in your body. So try avoiding too much of chicken and turkey and eat pastured pork, wild-caught fish or grass-fed beef instead of them.

Artificial Colors


These artificial colors are made from petroleum, which is well-known to disturb endocrine function. So next time you should seek those products that do not use added colors.



Avoiding all types of sugar can save you from hormonal Imbalance. Sugar is responsible for exaggerate hormonal symptoms in women. So limit your sugar intake and live happily ever.

Dairy Products


No one doubts their importance in human life but too much intake of these products can cause high estrogen and also increase the risk of estrogen-dependent cancers. It can cause breast and female reproductive cancers. So avoid them and instead use products of nuts, coconuts and yeast.

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