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funny cute clutches

We love to carry trendy and stylish clutches as accessories. But some people do have weird choices. Here are some examples of such funny clutch choices. Have a look.


Big sexy pink lips! Can there be a clutch foxier…I don’t think so. But this might be embarrassing if you are not bold enough to carry this.


A hand in the hand! This is what you actually call weird. Look at the details too, the ring in the finger! The designer took it quite seriously it seems!


An alligator in the name of clutch! It might good for those who are in love with animals. But even then, who can carry this to a public place. It looks more like a toy!


I don’t need a car to drive; I have one in my hands. This car clutch not actually that funny, it is really cool and funky to carry.



Roll, Camera, Action! Movie mania is here! This clutch is funny and strange yet classy. Any movie maniac would just love it.


Somebody can actually eat this clutch by mistaking it for a hotdog! These days you clutch for every dish I think…it might have been a pizza or cold drink too.


This clutch is more scary than funny! Although black is a versatile colour but that doesn’t mean it can be any monster too.


Another animal lover clutch! Cats are the symbol for sexy but not regarding clutches. This clutch is really capable of scaring a baby.


Even celebrities are not far behind in this competition. Katy Perry carries this book-like clutch to which is totally amusing.

These clutches are literally funny, but you can carry them if have the courage and you want to look different from the crowd.

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